Men's Ministry

The Cherokee County United Methodist Men is a Fellowship and is open to all the men of all the churches...and any other men with the common desire to become disciples of Jesus Christ.  We are comprised of six (6) UM churches in Cherokee County; First United Methodist in Murphy, Ranger, Peachtree, Tomotla, Reid's Chapel and Martin's Creek.  Andrews UMC has their own Men's Fellowship.
We are an annually charted unit of the General Commission of United Methodist Men, Nashville, Tennessee.
Our primary PURPOSE is to declare the centrality of Christ in the lives of men in all their relationships.
Another way to say our GOAL is to be a creative, supportive fellowhship of men who seek to know Jesus Christ, to grow spiritually and to seek daily His will.
We meet monthly on the second Tuesday at 6:00 pm for dinner except for our June meeting which is in a shelter at Koneheta Park, Murphy, at 8:00 am.
Tuesday evenings are easier for working men to attend.
Our annual income from periodic fund raisers is approximately $8,000 of which we give away most of to good causes.  Only food cost and a necessary small carryover is kept.
Currently our budgeted commitments are:
     Truett Baptist Summer Camp (underprivileged kids)
     His Lambs Our Lambs Pre-School (underprivileged kids)
     Daniel Boone Council BSA
     Nehemiah's Neighbors (construction, work, small jobs (needy folks)
     Scott Hogsed Memorial Youth Conservation Day
     Wesley Foundation (UWNC_ campus
     Hurlburt Johnson Friendship House (family aid)
     Cherokee County Sharing Center (Food Pantry)
     Cherokee County, NC Disaster Response Team
     Big Brothers/Big Sisters of CC
     General Commission UMM - Charter
     Gospel Sing (for community)
Our Annual Fund Raisers are:
     Chili Supper
     Spaghetti Supper
     Soup & Salad Supper
     Chicken BBQ or replacement
     White Tag Sale
     Aluminum collection for Scout uniforms
Our current officers are:
     President - Tom Payne (837-2823)
     Vice President - Gordon Stanton (837-6533)
     Treasurer - Reid Francis (644-1105)
     Secretary - Dave Hotchkiss (644-3372)
2014 Event/Activity Schedule:  maintained by Dave Hotchkiss


(Note - All Monthly Meetings are the 2nd Tue. of Each Month at (6:00pm)...Unless Noted

    Date                        Place                                       Program

--------------   ------------------  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Sun Jan 12           FUMC                   Executive Meeting #1 (9:00am)(FUMC) - Budget

Tue Jan 14           FUMC                   (Mtg) - Ring Lake Ranch - David Turpin


Tue Feb 11          FUMC   (Mtg) - The Bible Translation (from all the books) - David Turpin

Sat Feb 22           FUMC                   13th Annual Chili Supper - (4:30pm - 7:00pm)


Sat March 1        FUMC                   Executive Meeting #2 - (9:00am)

Thur March 6 WUNC Campus Wesley Foundation Campus Ministries- Cullowhee (6:00pm-7:30pm)

Tue March 11     Ranger                  (Mtg) - The HAVEN Ministries - Paula Fredlund


Tue April 8          FUMC                   (Mtg) - Phil Keller - Boy Scout - Master Leader - Annual Update

Fri April 25-27    Lake Junaluska - 34 Annual WNC Conference UMM Spirtual Rally


Sat May 3            FUMC                   Executive Meeting #3 (9:00AM)

Sat May 10          FUMC                   14th Annual Spaghetti Supper (4:30pm - 7:00pm)

Tue May 13         Ranger                  (Mtg) - The LOVE MINISTRIES of Murphy


Sat June 7            Konehete Park  (Mtg) - Fellowship at the Park with Wally Avett for music and song (8:00AM)

Thurs June 26    FUMC                    Fix supper for VBS kids and leaders


Tue July 8            FUMC                   (Mtg) - Matthew Osborne - Editor Cherokee Scout/Andrews Journal


Tue August 12   Ranger                  (Mtg) - Truett Summer Camp Feedback by Kids

Sat August 23     Freddy Cook's Farm - 10th Annual Scott Hogsed Memorial Youth Conservation Day


Fri/Sat (Sept 5-6) FUMC                WHITE TAG SALE - (CCUMM/UMW (50/50%))


Sat Sept 6            FUMC                   Executive Meeting #4 (9:00am) - Appoint Nominating Committee

Tue Sept 9           FUMC                   (Mtg) -


Tue Oct 14           FUMC                   (Mtg) -

Thur Oct XX        The Murphy Bible Church - HOLY SMOKE - (6:30pm) - Preachers Tasting Fair - (House Raising Vol)

Fri Oct 31             Town Square   11th Annual Halloween (cider/doughnut holes/candy) - (4:30pm - 6:00pm)


Sat Nov 1             FUMC   Executive Meeting #4 (9:00am) - Plan 2015 Schedule and Programs

Tue Nov 11         Ranger              - (Mtg) -

Sat Nov 15           FUMC                   3rd Annual Soup and Salad Supper (4:30pm - 7:00pm)


Thur Dec 4           WUNC Campus - Wesley Foundation Campus Ministries- Cullowhee (6:00pm-7:30pm)

Tue Dec 9            FUMC                   (Mtg) - 11th Annual Christmas Party with Wives/Special Others (6:00pm)



                         GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME...ALL THE TIME GOD IS GOOD


(7/13/14 DAH)


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